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Today, Ukrainians and volunteers actively support each other in messengers: they create many chats and channels, spread information, but in a few minutes lose details and useful contacts, feel even more stress because the details are not actually recorded anywhere.

That is why we created the Handy Friends - the only window where you can get and provide the most necessary information for the adaptation of Ukrainians in every country in the free world.

Volunteer in our project

As a volunteer, you can share with Handy any relevant information about accommodation, transportation, medicine,  legal support, schools and kindergartens and more. Of course, the moderator will quickly check the information, publish it in the appropriate section and it will be immediately available to all Ukrainians in the country.

Professional volunteer

If you are a doctor, lawyer, hairdresser or other specialist and you are willing to help, join and the platform will send a regular digest of requests for your services. It's easy and simple to choose a request and help directly.

Support a free life for Ukrainians 💛💙

Moderator role

A moderator is a person authorized by our team who receives messages with  just added information to the section by volunteers, checks it against certain criteria for relevance and publishes this information.

So the moderator helps us to be sure that our friends can trust the information posted in Handy Friends.

Anyone who has some professional experience and is willing to spend 1-2 hours a week to help the project can become a moderator.

Ready to share your time, knowledge or any other resource? 
Join the Handy Friends network

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