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Join the Network of Handy Friends for Ukraine Partners

Today, Ukraine has united the whole world. The scale and geography of the project have already reached the global level. Our team invites every company and organization to join the project. Because we believe – there are no strangers, no other's children. Millions of Ukrainians around the world need urgent help.

in collaboration with

general partner

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Main partnership areas

Official Partners

Government agencies, international organizations, foundations, business clubs, chambers of commerce and professional associations

Media Partners

All types of media, including telegram channels, television, facebook groups


Technology partners


Individuals or legal entities who want to help the project

Humanitarian Leaders

NGOs and volunteers, national leaders, communities, celebrities

Information Partners

Any platforms and initiatives that address these similar issues

Business Partners

We can provide a promo code to keep companies directly in touch with employees

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Partners are invited to use Handy Friends

Handy Friends partners help to make the lives of Ukrainians safer and happier.


For collaboration or partnership, please contact via the form or by email at

Apply For a Partnership with Handy Friends

We have just received your application. We will contact you as soon as possible.

Our partners

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Google for Startups

project partner

general partner

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creative partner

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information partner

social partner

social partner

social partner

We ask each partner to post details about the project on their website, platform or social networks with a link to our website. This helps to spread a word about the Community among most Ukrainians abroad


See you among the friends of the Handy Friends For Ukraine project 💛💙
Ukraine is the world

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