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Handy Friends for Ukraine

Community for Ukrainians around the world

Here you can learn and share critically important information about your current country of residence or even other countries of interest to you.

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Handy Friends is for

Currently, 7,000,000+ Ukrainians have left the country and need long-term assistance and support in various countries:

Medical insurance

Daycare and school questions

Legal issues

and more...


We created the Handy Friends for Ukraine community to assist refugees and built it using the communications success platform and methodologies.

Handy Friends for Ukraine is designed to create 1-1 communication between refugees and others whose main task is to gather in one system all necessary information and services uploaded on’s platform. This platform will provide targeted refugees assistance based on their location and needs.

Join Handy Friends - get help and give assistance

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Scan the QR code or click on the button below and add Handy Friends Intelligent Assistant to your existing messenger.


Find out all about accommodation, transport, medicine, education, getting legal and psychological support abroad.
Friends are by your side ✊


Our Partners

Organizations from all over the world are united to help Ukrainians.

Handy Friends welcomes:

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social partner

Partners are invited to use Handy Friends

Happy Friends partners help to make the lives of Ukrainians safer and happier.


For collaboration or partnership, please contact us via the form or by email at

Apply for Partnership with Handy Friends

We have just received your application. We will contact you as soon as possible.


A better life for Ukrainians in the free world!

The war has displaced a bunch of Ukrainians far from their homes. We have created a community to help them resolve pressing issues abroad. The Handy Friends brings together everyone who needs help and provides it (volunteers, business, community organizations, authorities).

We would welcome your donation for the Handy Friends not-for-profit initiative.

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