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We’ve created the "Return to Ukraine" button!

After analyzing information from independent sociological researchers*, we decided to create a new button in the chat-bot which will help Ukrainians to return home. You can quickly find the ways to return for each country separately and choose the best way for yourself.

Our team of volunteers worked with the results of Ukrainians' wishes research and filled the button with all necessary information of 45 countries 👇

The new button help Ukrainians in:

- What documents you need to return in Ukraine

- Return to Ukraine with pets

- Loss and deprivation of refugee status and subsidiary protection

- One-time assistance for victims and internally displaced persons

- Medical care for internally displaced persons

- What documents you need for your child when returning to Ukraine

...and much more useful information!

If you are already planning to return to Ukraine from abroad, we recommend you to try our new option to make your return process more convenient and comfortable.

- You can support the HandyFriendsBot volunteer team here -

*According to independent sociological research


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