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How you can help develop the project?


HandyFriendsBot continues to help Ukrainians around the world. Now our main purpose is to provide relevant information about ways of getting Ukrainians back home from different countries. Our team of developers, designers, editors, content managers and copywriters works hard to keep the information in the chat-bot. They do it with their own efforts, time and money, and now do not have regular financial support.

In just over two months, we:

  • were able to unite more than 70,000 users in Telegram and Viber messengers

  • covered 45 countries

  • conducted the first sociological research

  • received support from the international foundation "Open Mind". This is a link from "Open Mind" Foundation, where you can donate to our team.

And we will certainly continue our work.

We are also working with the new button "Return to Ukraine" and updating this button with all the necessary information about each country separately. With the assistance of her help, users can quickly get information about ways of returning to Ukraine from different countries and find out how to receive compensation for the destroyed or damaged goods/living; solve questions about social benefits and receive information about all the useful services they may need after they return to Ukraine.

We are already attracting experts and plan to invite more specialists of different spheres, lawyers, editors from different parts of the world, provide more social researches for partners, update functions and tools of HandyFriendsBot. We are developing very quickly and plan to integrate new features for better quality of our service. This means that the platform will be able to receive a large number of requests from users at the same time, due to the increased throughput capacity of our cloud servers. This will help to reach even more Ukrainians all over the world and enable to work quickly and without delays.

Thanks for your support and desire to support Ukrainian services, we are already working on the new functionality and improvement of our digital platform. We promise that every donation will help us develop our digital service and engage more volunteers, and we will inform you about this on our social media accounts. All of the funds will go to the Open Mind Foundation, so we can control all financial transactions from our donors around the world. In this way we support even more Ukrainians outside our country.

We thank you for being with us. You are our inspiration and support💙💛

📌Donate by pressing the main menu button ➡️ "Support the project" or by the link of OMF:


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