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How to support project?


HandyFriendsBot continues to help Ukrainians around the world. Currently, our main goal is to provide as much information on adaptation abroad as possible. So a few days ago, we launched our first fundraising campaign, which will help raise funds and enable us to develop the service even more, particularly with additional features and capabilities.

📌You can support us here:

We have already united more than 45 thousand users over the past two months in Telegram and Viber messengers, covered 45 countries of the world, conducted the first sociological research and enlisted external support from partners (Google). And we are confidently moving on.

Next week, a new button "Return to Ukraine" will appear in the chatbot. With its help, users will be able to quickly get information about ways to return to Ukraine from different countries, find out about ways of getting compensation for destroyed or damaged property/housing and solve the issue of social payments.

We plan to engage many experts from different industries e.g. lawyers and editors. Furthermore, we are bound to conduct sociological surveys for partners, update the functionality and tools of HandyfriendsBot and integrate a new additional feature for better operation of our service. This means that the platform will be able to withstand a large number of requests from users simultaneously, owing to the expansion of bandwidth on our cloud servers. This step will help reach an even larger audience of Ukrainians around the world and will allow the chatbot to work quickly and without delays.

However, we lack financial support to implement such tools. We promise that every donation will be used to develop the service and to encourage volunteers to work. Moreover, we will report on that on our social networks. In this way, we will be able to support even more Ukrainians outside our country.

We thank you for staying with us. You are our inspiration and support💙💛

You can 📌donate funds directly in the chatbot itself by clicking the button in the main menu ➡️ "Support the project"

or via the link:


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